Why You Should Jump Out Of Your Comfort Zone – Penn & Quill

It was a Friday evening and I waited anxiously for a blogging conference that I knew would be a great experience, but I didn't know a single person there. I arrived early and sat in my car, worried I'd be forced to mingle or awkwardly sit alone. I gave myself a pep talk and finally worked up the courage to go inside. As soon as I walked in I saw tables of beautiful bloggers socializing and reuniting with hugs and laughter. But for me, I instantly bolted to the bathroom, to take some more deep breaths and remind myself that I'm there to learn and meet new people. I cannot begin to tell you how often I do this. Stepping out of your comfort zone is ...uncomfortable! It's not easy, but it's worth it. I ended up meeting some amazing people that night, learning some helpful blogging hints, and walking out the door feeling incredible. I'm sure many of you have felt the discomfort of stepping out of your comfort zone, but I'm here to share why you should JUMP out of your comfort zone!


New Experiences & New Hobbies. You're bound to experience new things and find new hobbies if you jump out of your comfort zone. You've gotten off your couch and put down the donut holes, you're out in the world and there's a good chance you are adding new experiences and hobbies to your life. Try a random workshop, run in a race - may I suggest the Love Me Run 😉 - or go to a new workout class. You won't regret it!

Meet New People.  You might meet your new best friend, the person you end up marrying, or someone who can lead you on a new career path. I can tell you, you aren't meeting any one from the comfort of your own couch (Tinder swiping totally doesn't count if you never meet up!). Jump out of your comfort zone and work up the courage to talk to that stranger.

Build Confidence & Character.  I used to say I was part of the anti-social club, but once I started blogging and trying new things - my confidence skyrocketed past anti-social. Obviously, based on the opening paragraph, it's still a work in progress, but stepping out of your comfort zone is a confidence and character booster! The more you do it, the more comfortable it becomes.

Overcome Fear. You might fail and failing is what we're often afraid of. But, if you've jumped out of your comfort zone, you've faced fear straight in the face and that my friend, is not failure. You've gone further than the person sitting on the sidelines and you're one step closer to success!

Cool Stories to Tell.  I mean, who doesn't want to have cool stories to tell? Well, your Netflix and donut-eating story isn't going to go far. Jump out of the comfort zone so you have a real adventure to share with your coworkers on Monday or an awesome story about how you met the love of your life!


So even though leaving the comfort of your couch can be daunting, there’s an experience, a new friend, and a cool story to tell that’s waiting for you! The Love Me Run is the perfect opportunity for singles to get in a workout and mingle with like-minded people. You better believe I’ll be there! Here’s your chance to JUMP!

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