What is Your Fitness Personality?

What is Your Fitness Personality?

If you have been having a tough time finding healthy activities to do, read on! ‘Physical activity is just another expression of our personal preferences and style’. Exercise is meant to leave you feeling invigorated, happy, and ready for the day’s activities – not exhausted and in need of painkillers! By answering some basic questions, you can determine what type of activity is best for your body type:

1) My thirst level:

A. Varies
B. Often thirsty
C. Not usually thirsty

2) My sleep is usually:

A. Interrupted, I have problems sleeping
B. Short but sound
C. Long and deep sleep

3) My energy levels:

A. Hyperactive, I’m always multi - tasking
B. Moderate
C. Low energy

4) My friends would describe the way I talk as:

A. Fast talker
B. Clear and precise
C. Slow

5) I tend to be:

A. Underweight / small boned
B. Medium proportions
C. Big boned / overweight

6) My hair is:

A. Dry and coarse
B. Straight and oily
C. Thick and wavy

If you have:

Mostly A: You are naturally enthusiastic, with bursts of energy but tend to tire quickly. Sometimes you will push yourself too hard, so you will benefit from exercises such as stretching, easy walking, bicycling, and dance. These activities will help you develop much-needed strength, balance, and agility.

Mostly B: You likely have a competitive nature and a strong drive (which may translate to holding lots of stress!) You will benefit from taking a leisurely walk or bike ride to balance your stress levels. Swimming is also ideal to soothe your tension.

Mostly C: You are strong, with steady energy and great physical strength. You can be very good at endurance sports such as long distance cycling, aerobics, dance, soccer, and rowing. Any kind of aerobic activity that works up a good sweat is powerful for clearing any congestion and sluggishness that you may have.

Love Me Run was thrilled to have Jolene Goring contribute to our blog. Jolene was recently named one of USA Today’s “America’s Premier Fitness Experts,” she is a best-selling author, has appeared in newspaper, television shows, and fitness videos. Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist www.jolenegoring.com