Those That Sweat Together Stay Together & Here Are Five Reasons Why!

  1. For starters nothing is sexier then someone who takes care of their body inside and out.

  2. When you look and feel better it builds your confidence, and that’s super sexy too!

  3. Gym time is guaranteed couple time and you’re creating a healthy hobby you can do together.

  4. When your significant other is also your workout buddy, they will keep you on track. You will be less likely to skip your workout and binge eat, cuddle and watch Netflix (even though that sounds awesome too hehe).

  5. Working out makes you happy and more productive! Endorphin rush! Oh and those endorphin’s…they can boosts your sex drive, YES PLEASE!

Now if those are not good enough reasons to start getting sweaty with your sweetie, I don’t know what is!

Nikki Metzger - Owner, BODI - Nike Master Trainer