The pursuit to being well rounded

Well rounded? Well, that's what we all hope for. In this day and age of fit bodies, spiritual focus, and positive mental health we all hope to stay on top.

Many times when we are trying to fill the wholeness in one area, we find some of the other areas deflating. Fit bodies come from the healthy things we put in our mouth and the amount of physical exertion we put ourselves through on a day to day basis. What kind of rest we get effects this as well. When you do these tasks, ask yourself "Am I doing this because I am punishing myself for things I have done in the past or because I love myself and want to be healthy?" As you ask that question it leads to positive mental health. Do you try to see the glass half full, find happiness in the small things and try to pay it forward? You see when you answer your fit body question you can see they are directly related. Positive mental health comes from an inner peace, hope, love, joy, and those things are found through spiritual focus. What ever you believe in, it does effect your positive mental health.

So what can I do to help stay well rounded? Get a great support system! Find amazing people to be a part of your journey. Find people that build you up, hold you accountable, and celebrate your accomplishments. There will be people that try to hold you back in their own deflated ball, but don't let them. Find the goal seekers!

Find your motivation and your joy through love. What do you love??? Love languages are quality time, physical touch, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service. What can you get, and what do you think you can give?

Being well rounded comes from all of this, but remember each portion can build the other up, but each also has the potential to break the others down. Pursuit to be well rounded 2016.

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