Our Best Kept Secrets

Over the next 30 Days Love Me Run is checking out ClassPass in the LA area!!

WHAT IS CLASSPASS??   Let us explain... You pay a monthly membership, pricing varies depending on where you live, and gain access to a massive network of fitness studios (Yoga, Cycling, Kickboxing, CrossFit, you name it!).  You have access to each one of these gyms with a maximum of 4 x every month.  So, what does this mean?  Well, you could work out at a different gym every single day!  IF YOU DECIDE TO TRY OUT CLASSPASS - USE THIS CODE TO SAVE $30 OFF YOUR FIRST MONTH  http://class:ps/ejPvs

During our 30 Day ClassPass Adventure I will be sharing my experiences at different studios, with different workouts.  I will also include the odd link to some additional health and wellness links that readers might enjoy!  For example, Healthy Food, Podcasts, Meditation, Quotes, etc. 

Today I started my day with:  8 Minute Ab Workout - https://youtu.be/sWjTnBmCHTY  (no joke, I do this EVERYDAY) 

Love Me Run Nutrition Plan -  For the next 30 Days I'm combining my workout plan with the Love Me Run Nutrition Plan.  This link has a Grocery List, Meal Plans ( MY BIGGEST WEIGHT LOSS key was the Shakes & Bars).  Private Message info@lovemerun.com if you have questions.  The plan is simple, most people lose 5 -10 pounds within their first month.  http://lovemerun.com/love-me-run-training-nutrition-plan/

Podcast I recently listened to: Christine Hassler - Over and On With It   http://christinehassler.com/2016/09/coaches-corner-jason-nazar-lessons-learned-from-a-super-successful-entrepreneur/  My Favorite Part:  What do you need to do TODAY, THIS WEEK AND THIS MONTH TO BE SUCCESSFUL?  These three things will make the biggest difference in your life. 

Meditation:  I'm currently listening to Perfect Health (Deepak Chopra & Oprah).  Join Me - Here is the link to Day One https://youtu.be/yeHfIrBO0eI

Today I worked out at: Bar Method ll Location: Hermosa ll Teacher: Heidi

Workout Review:  For those not familiar, Barre classes mix elements of Pilates, Yoga, and Dance.  The instructor, Heidi, wore a headset and guided the class along, to help us understand what to do next.  Barre helps develop long, lean muscles without bulk, think a ballerina’s body, while improving flexibility and improving balance.  Some say that they notice a difference immediately and almost anyone will say they are sore after the first class 😉  Changes you can expect to see?  Tone in those hard to target areas!  Muscles in your core, arms (especially the back of your arms), legs and buns!   What I noticed… Our class had a variety of age, shape and sizes.  Anyone can do this!   There were two of us that were new to the class.  The instructor made sure to know my name and she used it when helping me throughout the class.  She assisted me with positions but didn’t make me feel corrected.  The class was full.  Reservations highly recommended.   I loved The Bar Method!  Looking forward to returning soon!