Inhale Positivity, Exhale Negativity

As often as possible I try to attend a Yin Yoga class.  This class centers me and encourages me to set intentions for the week ahead.  Its not uncommon for me to bring a date or a friend to join this rejuvenating experience with me.  Yin Yoga, if you haven't tried it before, is one of the most relaxing and least intimidating forms of yoga, which is a fabulous introduction for the yoga newbie.

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with poses, or asanas, that are held for longer periods of time - five minutes or more per pose is typical.  Don't let this intimidate you.  The positions are often comfortable, so much so that its not uncommon to find yourself drifting off to a near sleep during class.  Yin yoga is a more meditative approach to yoga that aims to connect to your inner voice and allows you to release stresses that you've been holding onto.  The poses apply moderate stress to increase circulation and improve flexibility.

There is a unique energy in Lisa's yoga room, a connectivity of sorts, that is difficult to describe but can be felt when present.  The highlights of her classes, in my opinion, are when she shares an inspirational reading with the class and when she has the entire class breathe out a large breathe of release... There is incredible power in that exhale.  You FEEL the stress leave everyone's bodies.  There is a beauty in all of us becoming brighter, lighter, and better through the transformative hour of coming together.  I encourage everyone to try a Yin Yoga class at a studio near you!


Described by her students as reverent but not religious, Lisa's yoga classes integrate aromatherapy, breath work, hand mudras, and guided meditation.

After practicing law for nearly a decade, Lisa used yoga to completely reinvent herself. Teaching yoga and meditation since 2007, she is a former trial lawyer, the Founder + President of I've Been Meaning to Write LLC, a boutique publishing and marketing firm, and published author.

Her most recent work of nonfiction, Off the Beaten Path: a Guide to Abuse Recovery © 2015 is now available for pre-order at:

When recently asked by her uber-corporate friends why she walked away from it all, Lisa replied “my yoga mat is the only 72 inches on the planet where I am completely honest.”

Case closed.