How To Save Someone?!

When I attended a workshop last year, the speaker answered the question of how to save people from themselves. How to convince them that they deserve happiness. How to convince them that they’re worthy of love. That is an important question, because so many people believe happiness is only properly obtained through pain, love through debt-bondage, security through sacrifice. How do we convince people that this is not so?

The answer was simple:

“Just love them.”

If you want people to recognize that they deserve happiness, that they are worthy of all the love in the world – no “strings” attached, no limits – all you have to do is love them yourself. Love needs no debates, no persuasive explanations. That’s because love has nothing to do with reasons or conditions in the first place. All it takes to “convince” anyone of love is to give it to them. You don’t have to argue your world. Nor do you have to lecture it, or have to design some grand scheme to “fix” it. You just have to love each and every person in it.

That will eventually help wake the people up.

With their own journey to heal through their core-wounding and learn how to accept your love, they’ll realize their own true worth. So they’ll stop being afraid. They’ll start making healthier decisions. They’ll live truly wonderful lives.

See, eventually, people realize that the warmth, respect, understanding, acknowledgement, and appreciation they get from you – the unconditional love – were things that they deserved all along.

All because they have known love.

We all know the line, “You can’t love someone unless you love yourself first.” Although this line is true in the context of offering deep intimacy through relationships from a place of personal intimacy with ourselves, we forget that we’re human and it’s acceptable to need others and ask for help. I have known people, including myself, who have never really loved themselves until they found someone really magical who loved them so much that they forgot what hating themselves felt like.

Love is not black and white. It is within the grey areas where we define our own meanings, find ourselves, find each other and learn.

And don’t be fooled – love is not just how you heal people; love is how you do anything at all. And it is far more powerful than you realize.

Just love, and see what happens.

Written by Meredith Marple - Newly Published Author, High Performance Coach, Instablogger, mindfulness trendsetter, and speaker, Meredith Marple is a Communications and Relationships Strategist, also known as the “Inspirational Pottymouth” from her followers on social media.  See more at: